Producer/writer, Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest. Feature documentary. Nancy Svendsen, producer/director. Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Mountainfilm.


Creative Producer, Ai Weiwei Yours Truly.  Feature documentary about the 2014 Ai Weiwei@Large: Alcatraz exhibition. Cheryl Haines, producer/director. Gina Leibrecht, co-director, editor. San Francisco International Film Festival premiere 2019.


Story Development Producer, State of PrideLGBTQ pride 50 years after Stonewall. Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman, directors/producers. SXSW premiere 2019. YouTube Red.


Writer, Mind/Game: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw, Rick Goldsmith, producer/director. Biography of basketball star. Premiered on LOGO TV (MTV).


Writer, The Oscar Goes To…feature documentary on the history of the Academy Awards. Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman, directors/producers. Premiered on TCM and CNN in 2014.


Producer/Writer, The Battle of amfAR, documentary short about Dr. Mathilde Krim and Elizabeth Taylor, who together created amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research. Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman, directors/producers. Telling Pictures Productions. Sundance, Tribeca, Outfest, Seattle. Special screening at the UN. HBO premiere 2013.


Senior Producer, Double Victory, feature documentary on the Tuskegee Airmen.  Lucasfilm.  Companion piece to Lucasfilm narrative feature,Red Tails.  Screenings: the Pentagon, Smithsonian, Kennedy School at Harvard. Aired on History Channel in 2012.


Series Producer, Manifest Destiny, a series on the history of US foreign policy for Lucasfilm. Producer, Director/Writer of Episodes One: “To Conquer or Redeem,”and Three: “Monsters to Destroy.”Broadcast on public television in 2012.


Producer/Director/Writer of the following half-hour documentaries for Lucasfilm’s Young Indiana Jones DVD series project, which aired on the History Channel International.

  • Powder Keg:  Europe 1900-1914.How and why World War One started.
  • The Archduke’s Last Journey.  Franz Ferdinand’s assassination, and the aftermath, World War I.
  • Colonel Lawrence’s War: T.E. Lawrence and Arabia. Biography with Rashid Khalidi, David Fromkin.
  • Seeking Truth: The Life of Leo Tolstoy. Biography.
  • Unquiet VoicesRussian Literature. Russian writers and censorship, from Pushkin to Solzhenitsyn.
  • Medicine in the Middle Kingdom. The history and science of Chinese medicine.
  • Winston Churchill: The Lion’s RoarBiography. Interviewees include Sir Martin Gilbert.
  • Into the Furnace: The Battle of Verdun. Interviewees include Tony Judt.
  • Marshal Petain’s Fall from Grace. From Verdun to Vichy. Interviewees include Tony Judt and Robert O. Paxton.
  • V.I. Lenin: History Will Not Forgive UsBiography with Orlando Figes and Moshe Lewin.
  • All Power to the Soviets!  The Russian Revolution.  Interviewees include Orlando Figes.
  • Lines in the Sand:  The Middle East and the Great War. The creation of the modern Middle East.   Interviewees include Najwa Al-Qattan, David Fromkin, James Gelvin, Ussama Makdisi.
  • For the People Despite the People:  The Ataturk RevolutionBiography. Interviewees include                               Resat Kasaba, Stephen Kinzer and Omer Taspiner.
  • The Greedy Heart of Halide Edib. Biography. Interviewees include Sarah Atis, Sibel Erol, RobertFinn and Reina Lewis.
  • The Ottoman Empire:  A World of Difference. Interviewees include Boğaç Ergene, Gabriel  Piterberg, Donald Quataert and Madeline Zilfi.
  • Robert Goddard: Mr. Rocket Science. Biography. Interviewees include astronaut Mike Massimino.
  • The World of John Ford. Interviewees include Elvis Mitchell and Martin Scorsese.


Co-Producer, Freedom Machines, Richard Cox Productions. One-hour documentary on assistive technology for people with disabilities.  Broadcast on POV in 2004, 2006.


Writer, Paragraph 175, Telling Pictures Productions, Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman, producer/directors. Feature documentary on Nazi persecution of homosexuals, narrated by Rupert Everett.  Awards at Sundance, Berlinale film festivals. Aired on HBO 2001.


Co-Producer/Writer, KPFA On The Air, Selver Productions, Veronica Selver, producer/director. One-hour documentary on the history of the world’s first listener-sponsored radio station, narrated by Alice Walker.  Broadcast on POV in 2000.


Writer, Isamu Noguchi: Stones and Paper, Pictures & Words Productions, Bill Smock, Hiro Narita, & Steve Burns, producers.  One-hour documentary on the Japanese-American artist, narrated by Linda Hunt.  An American Masters Special on PBS in 1997.


Principal Writer, Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes & The American Press, Rick Goldsmith Productions.  Feature documentary on groundbreaking 20th century muckraker. Oscar nominee, PBS broadcast 1998.


Co-Writer, The Celluloid ClosetTelling Pictures Productions, Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman, producer/directors. Feature documentary on Hollywood’s representation of homosexuality, narrated by Lily Tomlin. Sundance & Peabody awards. Aired on HBO 1996.


Associate Producer/Principal Writer, Super Chief: The Life and Legacy of Earl Warren, Quest Productions, Bill Jersey & Judith Leonard, producers. Oscar nominee, PBS broadcast 1989.


Producer/Director, Outside In Sight: The Music of United Front. Documentary short on jazz group.  San Francisco Int’l Film Festival, CINE, SF Asian American Film Festival.


Producer/Director/Writer/Editor, Kheturni Bayo: North Indian Farm Women, documentary short. San Francisco Int’l Film Festival, British Museum exhibit on Village Women of India.


Pleistocene Park (Luke Griswold-Tergis, director – 2022), Waging Change (Abby Ginzberg, director – 2019); Walking Thunder: The Last Stand of the African Elephant (Marie Wilkinson & Cyril Christo, directors – 2018); Saving Capitalism (Jacob Kornbluth & Sari Gilman, directors – 2017); Trapped (Dawn Hudson, director – 2015); Chinese Couplets (Felicia Lowe, director – 2015); Great Performances:  Dance in America -The San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker (Judy Flannery, producer– 2007); Have You Heard from Johannesburg (Connie Field, director – 2003); Senorita Extraviada (Lourdes Portillo, director – 2001); First Person Plural, (Deann Borshay, director – 2000).

Relevant Publications

Co-author with Jeffrey Friedman and Robert Epstein,The Art of Nonfiction Movie Making. Santa Barbara:             Praeger, ABC-Clio, 2012.  Mandarin edition, 2016.

“Indies on PBS,” Release Print, October 2002

“Women of India,” Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art & Politics, Winter 1978.


1983 M.A.         Creative Arts Interdisciplinary, San Francisco State University.

1975 B.F.A.      Filmmaking, San Francisco Art Institute.